Wish writing could feel a little more magical?

Maybe even mystical?

Whether you’re writing your next bestseller, your memoir, or just need to focus on actually getting caught up on all that biz content, November is THE month to do it.

Why? November is National Novel Writing Month – the month where hundreds of thousands of people commit to writing a novel (or as much as they can) in 30 days. And even if you’re not writing a novel, the general goal is 50K words in the month.

Just think about that: that could be a full book. Or it could be a blog post and email for every single month of 2019. Whatever it is, it’s magic.

Mystic November is 5 weeks of energetic + tangible support to help you do your damn thing.

Cowriting calls to hold you accountable

Coaching to keep you from getting stuck

Quantum energy exercises to connect you energetically with your writing

Everything you need for success.

Everything you need to make writing mystical.

Expressing ourselves creatively opens up the door to more abundance.

No, seriously. In the quest for success, we can sometimes forget that self-expression is a key part to our health – and our energetic ability to receive.

In fact, in Human Design, self-expression is one of the eight necessary aspects to bring in wealth + abundance.

So…are you feeling expressed?

And wouldn’t you like to be?

Join us for Mystic November – the most magical way to Nanowrimo…or simply write whatever is asking to be expressed from you.

Join Mystic Writing now

How Does Mystic Writing Work?

There’s something magical about writing together. Because when one person writes on their own, it’s great. When a group writes together and are in the zone, the entire group can achieve even greater things.

It’s science – and it’s also Human Design. (I’m a biiiiig believer in this, if you didn’t know.) In Human Design, we have different energy centers – and some have set energy, and some are open to amplify other’s energy. Most people don’t actually have willpower – which is okay, because then they have the ability to amplify other people’s willpower and use it for themselves.

Hint: I have defined willpower – so in cowriting experiences, my energy helps you get through it, and stick with your goals.

We’ll be spending 5 weeks together – from November 1st to December 7th. (Because the writing process doesn’t stop after November ends, so why should we?)

Every week, we’ll have a two hour call – either a cowriting and quantum work call, or a coaching call. If you feel like you need help during a cowriting session, I’m just a chat message away!

Our first call will be November 1st – we’ll take a poll before we begin to set the exact time, though it will likely be between 1-5pm EST. (We’ll figure out the schedule for the other calls the same way, and again timing will take place between 1-5pm EST.)

In between calls, you’ll have the opportunity in our private community to share with the group where you are, what’s going on with your writing, and get unstuck as needed. Seriously – I’ll be in there reading and listening to every word!

Why me?

Hi, I’m Kristen!

If you’re here, you may know me as an intuitive marketing strategist, and a mentor. Which, I am.

But there’s a whole lot more to that story. In fact…my start in marketing began in book promotion and publishing! These days, we’d call it indie publishing…but back then, it was just a local advertising agency whose founder published her own book, needed to figure out how to market it, and then quickly had to repeat that magic for all the clients who saw her success (at a time where self-publishing was looked at as a guaranteed failure).

From there, I cofounded Pen and Muse, a community and publicity house that supported authors as they honed their writing, marketing, and publishing skills. We provided marketing and publicity strategy to self published authors (because not everyone can have a fancy publishing house team to help them out!) – one of our clients boasts over 4000 ratings on Goodreads, and over 400 reviews on both Goodreads and Amazon! (Not bad for her first book, right?!) I also advised writers as expert at Pub Hub, and similar places.

These days, writing often comes up in my 1:1 client work – whether it’s a client who is stuck in her fiction work, one who’s ready to share her life’s mission in a way that can truly impact the masses, or a client who simply needs to master magnetic content.

Now, I’m the founder of Mystic Writing™, the art of using creative writing to heal your life – which includes your past lives, cycles, and patterns you’ve been living out, and even attracting in what you’d like to create.

⚡️Creative writing + quantum energy work = living the story you dare to tell. ⚡️

Basically…I know a thing or two about books, writing, and publishing.

My passion is helping creative women heal their past and express their power, whether that takes place in the written world, the entrepreneur world, or both!

What’s Included?

3 cowriting calls
We’ll start off each call using quantum energy techniques to connect with our writing energetically.

2 coaching calls
Sometimes you get stuck. And that’s okay. But I want you to get unstuck – so we’ll be diving into any questions you have coming up about your writing, the writing process in general, or even how to use quantum energy exercises with your writing.

Access to me + the community
Have questions in between calls? Want to be held accountable to extra writing? I’ve got you.

Plans and Pricing

Two Payments

  • 3 Cowriting calls to hold you accountable and boost your energy.
  • 2 Coaching calls to keep you from getting stuck.
  • Quantum energy exercises to connect you energetically with your writing.
  • Everything you need for success.
  • Everything you need to make writing mystical.
  • Access to me and the Facebook community.

Pay in Full

  • 3 Cowriting calls to hold you accountable and boost your energy.
  • 2 Coaching calls to keep you from getting stuck.
  • Quantum energy exercises to connect you energetically with your writing.
  • Everything you need for success.
  • Everything you need to make writing mystical.
  • Access to me and the Facebook community.

Love From Those Who Know Me

I couldn’t have done it without Kristen!

I really appreciated all of Kristen [and Pen and Muse’s ] support on getting the word out about my latest novel! They were great!  And the book has done pretty well, so I’m really pleased! In fact, it’s the best yet so far!

I love their marketing suggestions – they’re super helpful and easy to implement!

Jamie Grey

YA Author

Truly, working with Kristen has been a game-changer for my business.

I am now enrolling clients at much higher rates than I had thought possible for me, and they are getting incredible results! I love integrating my magic and my marketing savvy, which I had kept kind of separated before.
Kristen has challenged me, witch-slapped me, and inspired me to step into my power like no other mentor I’ve ever had. She has given me tips and tools and strategies that have helped me create passive income streams, explode my sales, and deepen my impact. Kristen is the real deal. And this biz witch is forever grateful.
Flora Ware

Spiritual Success Coach

Finally, I know who my audience is!

The target audience work we did validated my original ideas about who Jeanie Grey the author is, and what she talks about. In essence, your feedback gave me permission/courage to be myself. No greater gift. You’ve taught me to think a little differently about my approach to social media and marketing, and I’m super excited!

Jeanie Gray

Writer of sophisticated, steamy, unconventional romance

Wondering who Mystic Writing is for?


This is for creatives who…

  • want to get the most out of Nanowrimo
  • are ready to feel creatively expressed
  • …and to see the shifts this creates in the rest of their life
  • are open to be supported by a community


This is not for anyone who…

  • doesn’t want anything to do with that “woo stuff”
  • doesn’t want to write in a community

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for me if I'm writing nonfiction?

Yup! In fact, I’ll be using our cowriting time together to complete the Mystic Writing book.

Is this for me if I'm writing a memoir?

Absolutely! Writing a memoir requires you to deeply connect to the heart of your book, and the message that wants to come out. This work will help you forge that energetic connection, boost your productivity, and make the harder sections a little less scary to tackle.

What if I just want to work on my business content?

Feel free to join us – the heartmapping exercises to connect to what you’re writing will still help you energetically connect to your work from a deeper (and more magnetic!) space, while the cowriting experience and energy can help you get more done in less time! And don’t worry – if you get stuck, you can still message me during co-working time, ask questions in the FB group, and get feedback on our coaching calls.

Is there a payment plan?

Of course! There are two options – you can pay in full for $497, or choose two monthly payments of $255.

Feel free to contact me on Facebook or Voxer if you have any questions about what is right for you.

Can I speak to you if I'm not sure if this the right choice for me?

Yup! If you’re not sure and need to talk things out….or maybe you’re a ManiGen who needs something to respond to, feel free to message me on Facebook or Voxer (@KristenJett). If we need to setup a quick chat, we can.

Will we be learning the Mystic Writing process here?

Unfortunately, that doesn’t fit in just five weeks. You WILL get some of the exercises that will be taught in the full program – consider this a lite version!

What if I can't make a call?

No worries! All calls will be recorded and the replays will be uploaded into our private (Facebook) community.

The quantum exercises will be uploaded by themselves – and infused with energy so you still gain the energy of the collective, even if you’re writing on an entirely different day!

Ready to spend November writing mystically?

Claim your seat here!

More Client Love

Working with Kristen is like working with a quartz crystal.

She’ll tap into your true power and amplify it, all in a way that gives you more purpose, more power, more magic.

Jessica Hill

Kristen Has The Special Ability To Talk To The Soul Of Your Business, And To Help You To Do The Same.

From here there is unlimited access to the exact (unique for you) guidance you need to:
-create sold out offerings at the perfect price point
– feel confident raising your rates
– know what to write in your copy
– What strategies to focus on

Her in depth knowledge of effective business strategy and genius intuition will support you in growing your business with total alignment and true magic.

Allison Braun

Business + Lifestyle Success Coach

Kristen is the best.

I know art – entertainment, not marketing. She came up with a plan that I can actually do, that I want to do (all pictures + video, no words!), and that works.

Georgina Leahy

Actress + Musician